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Toyota River Drive: Lower Ganga: Day four blog

Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga

Long hours of driving and visiting an 18th century monument in Patna on our day four blog of the third edition of the Toyota River Drive, Lower Ganga; the Corolla Altis is a great travel companion

  • Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga
  • Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga
  • Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga
  • Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga
  • Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga
  • Toyota Corolls Altis Ganga

After visiting the Hazardwari Palace and Plassey war memorial in Berhampore, we drove the Corolla Altis to Patna for the next leg of our Toyota Driven By A Better Future series of the Lower Ganga. It was a 14-hour long drive with barely any four lane highways. The single lane roads were narrow and aplenty with uneven surfaces. But as we neared Bihar’s capital city, the roads got better.

Patna too is an urban metropolitan with numerous flyovers, a lot of development activities and of course endless traffic. Thankfully, the Corolla Altis has a light steering, which meant that we could move around the traffic easily and head on to our destination without being tired. We visited the Golghar monument in the western part of the city. Golghar translates into ‘round house’ and it served as a large granary during the colonial times for prevention of famines in these provinces. Built in 1786, it was used to store massive sacks of different types of grains. And while entry into Golghar is prohibited, the locals mentioned that from the top of the beehive shaped monument is a beautiful panoramic view of the Ganga river.

As we spend more and more time with the Toyota Corolla Altis, we’re getting a hang of its strengths. While the Toyota Innova Crysta set a benchmark for carrying loads of luggage during our Kaveri River Drive, the Corolla Altis too is impressive with its 470-litre boot that gobbled up all our shooting equipment as well as suitcases. It masters practicality and comfort unlike anything else. And after covering more than 3000 kilometers since the start of our drive in Bakkhali, the mouth of the Ganga, the car hasn’t shown any need of being serviced.

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