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Ridden: Aprilia SR 125

Aprilia marks its presence in the 125cc segment with the same bewitching characteristics of the wonderful SR150

Words: Chinmay Chaudhary
Photography: Rohit G Mane

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Beyond sporadic action, the 125cc scooter segment has largely been as quiet as the proverbial western front for the longest time ever. Of late though there has been an explosion of players in the segment, helping the 125cc scooter market expand in geometric progression in the recent past. In this burgeoning space, could the makers of the brilliant SR150 hold back?  No, obviously they couldn’t, which means the scooter we’re riding today is the SR125 that we had ogled at just a few weeks ago at the Auto Expo.

What’s new?

As its name suggests, the SR125 is powered by a 124.7cc engine that puts out 9.52bhp at 7250rpm and a peak torque of 9.9Nm at 6250rpm. On paper, the new engine is just half a horse and 1Nm less than what you’d get in the SR150. In fact, it is the same motor that does duty on the Vespa 125 but is tuned to for better response. Power delivery is very linear and the scooter pulls effortlessly from standstill and doesn’t run out of breath all the way up to top. Aprilia has also claimed 8kmpl hike in the fuel efficiency figure.

Another important change is that the SR125 gets a longer and wider seat with comparatively softer cushioning (which has been addressed due to constant feedback from the existing customer) compared to its elder sibling which points towards its commuter focused purpose. The scooter is offered with a new single piece grab rail over the split unit on the 150.

How does it ride?

The SR125 shares all the mechanical components with the SR150 right from the tyres to the handlebars. That means it provides the same riding dynamics and handling characteristics as the 150. Ride quality is on the stiffer side in spite of its commuter orientated positioning. Having seen the benefits of offering sportiness as the key differentiator with the SR150, we reckon Aprilia will be unwilling to tamper that on this smaller sibling. Well, we for one, aren’t complaining.

All good?

Well no. It still carries the same set of headlamps which are unlikely to be very effective in the dark. A new set of headlamps, probably LEDs would have been a good addition.


The SR125 carries a price tag of Rs 65,626, ex-showroom, Mumbai, which makes it a fair bit more expensive than the mean pricing in the 125cc scooter world. That said it offers all the awesomeness that the SR 150 is renowned for. Except this time around you’ll also get the benefits of better fuel economy and a more comfortable perch. A good deal in its own right. Except, with a meagre Rs 4,000 separating the more powerful SR150 from the 125, won’t you be better off with the more powerful one? After all, who buys an Aprilia for practicality? You buy an Italian scoot for style and panache, and in the case of Aprilia, for the sheer Thrill of Riding.



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