Opening day: Rolon Round of INMRC 2018 at Kari Speedway ends with a bang

Day 1 of the Rolon Round of the INMRC 2018 organised by Madras Motor Sport Club at Kari Motor Speedway saw TVS Racing’s Jagan Kumar setting the benchmark during practice for the Super Sport Indian 165cc open category

The qualifying round of INMRC held at the Kari Motor Speedway ended with a bang. Riders Akshay V Murali and Aditya Rao clocked the fastest qualifying time in the Stock 165cc class, while Karthik Mateti and Mohamed Shafin set the fastest qualifying time in the TVS One Make Championship (Novice Batch).

TVS Racing rider Jagan Kumar set the benchmark time in the Super Sport Indian class during practice sessions ahead of Teammates Deepak Ravikumar and KY Ahamed. Team Alisha Abdullah’s Prabhu Arunagiri sported an exceptional performance in the Pro-Stock 301-400cc class practice sessions, while Gusto Racing’s Amarnath Menon secured fourth. Anup Kumar of Team Alisha Abdullah was the quickest and was well ahead of Anish Shetty of Honda Ten10 racing in the Pro-Stock 165cc class.

In the women’s championship, Ann Jennifer topped the practice session in this category while last year’s first runner-up Ryhana Bee was second fastest.


Coimbatore, June 8: Reigning National champion Jagan Kumar of TVS Racing set the benchmark in the premier Super Sport Indian (165cc, Open) class by topping the time sheets in free practice session as the Rolon Round of the MRF MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship commenced at the Kari Motor Speedway, here on Friday.

Jagan, who notched his sixth consecutive National title last year, displayed good form as he clocked a best of one minute, 12.686 seconds, ahead of TVS Racing team-mates Deepak Ravikumar (01:12.959) and KY Ahamed (01:13.449).

Also among the quicker riders of the day was Prabhu Arunagiri of Team Alisha Abdullah who topped the Pro-Stock 301-400cc class practice session with a 01:12.698, while last year’s winner in this category Amarnath Menon (Gusto Racing India) was the fourth (01:13.503) behind team-mate Satyanarayana Raju (01:12.923) and Faraz Shariff (01:13.468), a private entrant from Bengaluru.

In the Pro-Stock (165cc) class, Anup Kumar (Team Alisha Abdullah) was the quickest with a timing of 01:15.959), well ahead of Anish Shetty (Honda Ten10 Racing, 01:17.592) and Kevin Kannan (Rockers Racing, 01:17.825).

Meanwhile, in the women’s championship (Stock 165cc), Ann Jennifer clocked 01:25.797 to top the practice session in this category while last year’s first runner-up Ryhana Bee was second fastest in 01:26.353 with Shruthi Nagarajan coming in third at 01:26.873.


The Results (Qualifying only):

National Championship – Stock 165cc (Novice, Batch 1):

  1. Akshay V Murali (Apex Racing) (01:21.050);
  2. Ashfaq Ahamed (Team 24 Racing) (01:21.140);
  3. A S Alexander (Sparks Racing) (01:21.179).

National Championship – Stock 165cc (Batch 2):

  1. Aditya Rao (Sparks Racing) (01:19.674);
  2. Varun Sobhan (Speed Up Racing) (01:20.452);
  3. M Nethaji (Pvt) (01:20.698).

TVS One-Make Championship – Novice (Batch 1):

  1. Karthik Mateti (Hyderabad) (01min, 22.796secs);
  2. A S Alexander (Chennai) (01:24.616);
  3. Suhail Ahamed (Chennai) (01:25.432).

TVS One-Make Championship – Novice (Batch 2):

  1. Mohamed Shafin (Kerala) (01:25.075);
  2. Kesavan S (Chennai) (01:25.405);
  3. Suneeth SR (Bengaluru) (01:25.802).


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