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India Diamond Trail

Day 5: Renault India Diamond Trail- Pointing South

Renault Kwid South

The Renault Kwid starts its journey south and halts in peninsular India

Images by Rohit Mane
  • Renault Kwid South
  • Renault Kwid South

With Koteshwar behind us, we now head south towards Kanyakumari and that means heading down the west coast of India. With a plan to get past Ahmedabad and halt at Baroda, we set off.

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We didn’t anticipate how easy this leg would be though. We got no traffic whatsoever till Ahmedabad and lots of daylight ahead of us, we decided to push on to Surat. The roads have been great right through, however the traffic got really heavy as we approached Ahmedabad and remained that way all the way to Surat. We took the Renault Kwid on to NE-1, the Expressway between Ahmedabad and Baroda and disposed off it in no time. The bridge over the Narmada was jammed as usual, and this is nothing out of the ordinary.

The Kwid soldiers on, and we’re ready to take it to our base in Pune tomorrow. The Evo India office awaits!

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