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Day 26: The Renault Kwids emerge victorious


We take the Renault Kwids to Rajasthan and with that, complete our epic 29 States 29 Days challenge in a record 26 days

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Day 26 saw us make our way to Chittorgarh in Rajasthan via Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh.  It was a relatively late start- if you can call a 7am start late. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel we started on our way to Ratlam stopping to shoot multiple times amid lush green surroundings with our picture perfect Kwids. With heavy rain forecast for the whole day and dark grey clouds looming everywhere, we were a little worried. But surprisingly we barely had any rain. Aided by great roads, we made very good progress. Ratlam arrived and with that some really terrible jokes about Jab We Met. We got ourselves some chai from a tea stall that, from the looks of it, was incredibly popular among locals. To go with it we found Ratlami sev freshly deep fried. We soon left behind Ratlam and started towards Chittorgarh. We crossed over to Rajasthan. Wait. We realised that we have done it. And with days to spare. 26 days and we have travelled across 29 states in the Renault Kwids. Thousands of kilometres done inside 26 days and the Kwids seem as fresh as ever. With the record now safely in the bag, we cruise to our stop for the night. Now all that is left is the drive to Delhi in the morning.

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