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5 Motorcycles That Are Nearly Impossible To Steal

You can sleep easy if you own one of these motorcycles!

Don’t we all love our motorcycles? But leave a motorcycle unattended on the side of a city road or on some highway dhaba for a few minutes, and you’re always looking over your shoulder, making sure it’s still there. Then there are these motorcycles – put a ‘steal me’ sign on the seat, and yet they’ll never, ever disappear.

One of the major reasons why thieves steal motorcycles is because they want to get rich by either selling the parts or the motorcycle. The better the motorcycle, the higher the demand for the parts. Hence, top-selling motorcycles or motorcycles that are susceptible to crashes are most prone to theft. These are the motorcycles that thieves are interested in.

However, there are certain motorcycles that are unpopular with thieves, bikes they are not interested in and bikes that are simply too difficult to steal. Want to know which are they and why? Here’s the list of 5 motorcycles that are nearly impossible to steal.

Harley Davidson CVO Limited:

HD-CVO-limited motorcycles

Why it won’t be stolen: At 431kgs and 2600mm in length, the Harley Davidson CVO Limited is an extremely heavy and a large motorcycle. Let alone stealing it, loading it into a truck when you have the key and using engine power is hard enough.

Triumph Tiger 1300 Explorer:

Triumph-Explorer motorcycles

Why it won’t be stolen: The biggest adventure bike that weighs 258kg has provisions to fit plastic panniers at the sides making it inches wider than the Gold Wing. Hence, forget stealing it, even owners find it difficult to ride!

Indian Roadmaster:

Indian-Roadmaster motorcycles

Why it won’t be stolen: Yet another heavy and huge bike. You’ve really got to weigh more than 100kg and measure more than 6 feet in height to ride it normally. Not only will this not fit into the back of a pickup van or a truck, but the passionate owner base means that there’s no market for stolen parts as well. Plus, it weighs somewhere around 428kg!

Triumph Rocket III:

Triumph-Rocket-III motorcycles

Why it won’t be stolen: How does 350 kgs and 2294cc sound? Like a car? No, it isn’t. Make way for yet another heavyweight contender from Triumph Motorcycles and relatively a rare motorcycle as it doesn’t really share significant components with other motorcycles. Therefore, limited demand for its parts and little payoff makes this bike relatively safe from thieves.

Honda Goldwing:

Honda-Goldwing motorcycles

Why it won’t be stolen: A mix of a goofy scooter look and non-motorcycle components not only destroys the burning desire to use one, but the demand for any stolen parts as well. There’s no doubt that it is a great sport tourer, but those headlamps and bulbous styling favors neither the customers nor thieves. Also, at 407kgs, even though the Goldwing has a cult following, thieves will just pass it by for reasons very obvious.

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