A petrolhead’s dream garage

Five extraordinary cars line up on a cloudy day from five different schools of thought. Oh, and a superbike

Words: Anand Mohan, Aatish Mishra & Aninda Sardar

Photography: Gaurav S Thombre

Throwing a bike into a conversation has become an occupational hazard for the guys at evo India. We love our motorcycles (most of us at least), but cars and motorcycles barely crossed paths in the past. Then our sister publication Fast Bikes India came along and everyone wanted a motorcycle in every story. I suspect more than anything, Aninda wanted to ride the RSV4 RF and Hrishi Mandke wanted to pull off balancing acts on either of its wheels. Turns out, we were forming a pattern. Each car on this page comes from a want to drive one rather than a need of the story. I had never driven a Ferrari and when the 488 GTB was available, I formed this elaborate plan to get an interesting set of cars together, just to drive that Ferrari (sorry, not sorry, Ed). Aatish is a Porsche fanboy. His childhood poster car was a Carrera GT and yes he wasn’t even in his teens when the car was launched. I seeded the idea of adding the Panamera Turbo to the list of cars we bring together on the pretext that he’d finally get to drive a Porsche.

Sirish has tremendous respect for the R8 as it was the first supercar (the first gen R8) he drove to his heart’s content in India. The R8 was an easy sell (by the way, that very first R8 was also pitched against a bike, the ‘Busa, so this isn’t a new thing for me – Ed). The Mustang came in because the shoot location was quite a distance away and we wanted a fast touring car to go with the theme. Why the GTI? Well, Gaurav’s demands have to be met. He will sell his soul for it and we love his pictures. So let’s begin to make some sense of the strange situation we were in with cars (and a bike) that have nothing in common. Except, they are the fastest of their kind.

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