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Vettel emerges victorious at Hungary

Leads the championship by 14 points as F1 heads into summer break

Hungary GP is always a fantastic race to look forward to and the same story continued this year as well. Vettel emerged victorious in an otherwise difficult race, being favoured by Scuderia over Raikkonen. His championship adversary, Hamilton on the other hand finished fourth, as Mercedes faced radio issues and went through a bad first stint.

Hungaroring always suits the cars with maximum downforce, and Red Bull showed their advantage over the grid through out the weekend. Sadly, just after the first corner, Verstappen oversteered onto Ricciardo, damaging the Aussie’s radiator and thus putting him out of the race. If that had not happened, we wonder what the outcome would’ve been?

Both the top teams faced issues with at least one of their cars. Vettel was heard complaining about his steering on the team radio while Hamilton’s radio went kaput after the pit stop. Scuderia’s pit stop strategy obviously favoured Vettel although Raikkonen was clearly faster. Hamilton on the other hand was losing control in the first stint, having been overtaken by Verstappen at the first corner during Lap 1. Bottas was asked to give way to the Briton which the Finn did in a very obvious manner, losing precious time. Hamilton managed to make no progress and handed the third position back to Bottas in a nail biting finish, that saw Verstappen follow the two Mercedes to the chequered flag.

It was regular fare for Force India as both their drivers managed to score points, finishing 8th and 9th. Alonso’s ‘silly season’ will begin just after the summer break and he proved his mettle by finishing sixth in undoubtedly the ‘worst’ car on the grid and also clocking the fastest lap of the race, while Ocon managed to finish tenth.

Formula 1 will head into the summer break for a month and the action will begin at the last weekend of August as Vettel leads the championship over Hamilton by 14 points. Watch this space for more.

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