‘Karoq’ to replace the Skoda Yeti

The 'mini' Kodiaq will be unveiled on May 18

We are yet to see the launch of Kodiaq in India, but on May 18, Skoda will be revealing its younger sibling in Stockholm. The camouflaged car has been doing the rounds across Europe and looks clearly like its elder sibling, the Kodiaq.

The name originates from Alutiiq language, from the tribes who live off and island across the southern coast of Alaska. In their local language, a car is referred to as ‘Kaa’Raq’ while the term ‘Ruq’ is a term used for arrow. The central element of Skoda’s logo represents an arrow as well, forming a consensus between the two.

When launched, the Koraq will be offered with a 1.4-litre petrol as well as a 2-litre diesel unit and should be priced between Rs 17-25 lakh.

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