New Polo not coming to India anytime soon

If FCA can make it work with the Compass why can’t VW with the new Polo

In breaking news this month we have a car that is not coming to India. Allow me to present the new Polo, and then ask you to stay content with the current Polo because India doesn’t figure on the new Polo’s radar – not for the foreseeable future. That makes no sense!
Since I don’t live in a cave I do know that dieselgate has dealt a body blow to the mighty VW Group. And with the final bill yet to be ascertained, the accountants will never approve millions being spent on refitting the Indian plant for the new MQB platform when it is running at full steam (three shifts!) to cater to demand for the Vento from Mexico and other export markets. But what about India? With everybody and their uncle on social media, who is going to buy a Polo now that a new one is out globally?
Other breaking news this month. The Jeep Compass is actually bloody good! I went to Goa lugging a healthy dose of scepticism; I’d seen it at motor shows, poked around the cabin, discovered it wasn’t very spacious and expected FCA India to go similarly bonkers with the pricing as they did with the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. But, no! On Indian roads it looks fantastic. The cabin, at least on the top-end Limited variant is mostly beyond reproach. It goes further off the road than a Compact-SUV has any right to. The ride is awesome and the handling isn’t all over the place. Cabin space is an issue and I’ll laugh at you if you’re being chauffeured in one. But that’s about all one can criticise especially when they’re insisting that lessons have been learnt and they will lean more towards the Creta than the Tucson on pricing.
The Compass is a make-or-break car and, if our expectations on pricing are accurate, they’re on to a winner. And if Fiat can make it happen, I really don’t see how the VW Group, with the resources at their disposal, can’t make it work for the new Polo. Till then, enjoy the GT TSI.

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