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Mercedes-AMG C 63 S at the Valley Run

We put the C 63 S AMG’s Race mode to the ultimate test

Living life a quarter mile at a time has to be one of the most horrible automotive clichés, ever. I mean what the hell is it supposed to mean? And really, how difficult can it be to step on the throttle and hold the steering straight for four hundred metres? Yet there’s this large community of automotive enthusiasts – proper petrol heads I am told! – who specialise and compete only in drag races. Am I missing something here?


Porsche and M3 left in the C 63 S’ wake.

Apparently so, says Ouseph. Last year he competed in the Valley Run and smoked an Aston and Lambo on his way to third overall in the open class. And he did it with the Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG. In fact, Ouseph did so much damage at the drag strip, and embarrassed so many supercars with his AMG SUV, that the organisers banned SUVs from participating this year! Guess that ML 63 AMG was just too fast for proper sports cars.


Concentration at the start, reaction times are crucial in a drag race

So what do I take part in this year? The AMG GT S, obviously! But Mercedes-Benz’s yellow monster had other things lined up for it in Delhi. And that left me with the other AMG I absolutely adore. It is closely related to my daily driver; it has four doors, four seats, leather everywhere, a killer Burmester sound system and an expensive IWC clock; and when you’re in the mood it will spin up its rear tyres and power oversteer in a manner very few sportcars can. It is the C 63 S AMG and, just like my diesel C-Class, it is blue. It even has a largish boot with a spare wheel strapped in. Could I find a more unusual car to pop my drag racing cherry?

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