Mahindra Thar Daybreak review

A Thar, on steroids

I’ll let you in on a trade secret. If you want more engagement on social media, more likes, shares and re tweets (and who doesn’t?) get yourself a Thar or Himalayan and post the hell out of it. I’m not sure what’s the deal but anything you post on these two off-roaders, even an inane good morning, gets you a fresh mountain of followers. The cynical will think it’s their social media teams exploiting some loophole but I’d like to think it’s an indication of genuine excitement around off-roaders these days. More of us want to get out – out of our offices, out of our homes, out of the bloody malls – and discover the outdoors, even if it is only to post pictures that’ll get us more likes on Facebook. And if you want to break the Internet you need a Thar Daybreak.

Not that you’ll guess it from the followers I have on Twitter but my daily driver is a Thar. And despite being as stock as they come, it gets a lot of attention. Motorists keep their distance so driving in town is easy. Today, it’s easier as I am sitting much, much higher up and the road is clearing out like Moses parting the Red Sea. I suppose seeing a winch eating up your rear view mirrors is reason to take cover.


Those of a muddy bent will recall the Daybreak from the Auto Expo, a concept we recommended be christened the Chack-O after our very own #offroadchacko (for services to off-roading including living – daily! – with a rally-prepped, non-air conditioned, SuperThar and drowning Mahindra’s limited-edition Legend, among others). It also is in step with Mahindra’s naming convention of everything ending with an O but our suggestion was politely turned down. Anyway the Chacko-O, sorry Daybreak, has now broken cover and it’s available for you to buy. I’m not kidding, you can call up Mahindra Customisation, send them your new (or old) Thar and in two months you’ll have a Daybreak raising your social media standing.   

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