Kawasaki KX250F ridden: Off-road specialist

Team Green is finally here!

What is it?

Kawasaki has brought its motocrossers to India as CBUs and as many people are not aware, allow us to mention that these are not road legal. Team Green is one of the most successful motocross teams and thus the expectations from these bikes are expectedly humongous. We managed to ride both, the entry level 99cc, 2-stroke beginner friendly bike and even the KX250F that comes with a rich championship legacy on a dug-from-nothing track, laid out on the outskirts of Pune. Obviously, to allow the media amateurs to experience the true off-road riding characteristics of the bikes, the track consisted of flat dirt, paved trails and dirt obstacles, including standard quads! Not to our surprise then, 70 per cent of the riders managed to eat the dust on their first attempt itself! Read on to know about our first MX riding experience.



All new?

As we have not ridden the 2016 variants, we cannot really comment on these aspects. Apparently, as per the manufacturer’s claims, the primary objective in the updated bikes has been weight reduction. As Kawasaki claims, the frame, engine, intake, airbox, swingarms, radiators, seat, tank, linkage, shock springs and fuel injectors have been completely revamped. The dual injectors now get eight sprays instead of four, thus optimising fuel delivery which equals to more linear performance on the track. Even the frame is now edgier, having slimmed down by 6mm overall, allowing for reduction in weight and easier maneuverability. The tank’s capacity has gone up slightly but the position is lowered allowing for a much more comfortable riding position. The overall improvmenets have allowed Kawasaki to limit the weight to just 104.3kg, making it lighter than the 2016 variant by 1.5kg. The track times are shed by 1.6seconds, claims the company and if you still want to go faster, you may like to buy the KX FI calibration kit which is sold separately. The console allows you to remap the ECU and even control the fuel injector settings or select one of the preset tunes to suit your riding styles. The flush panels too do not need any equipments to unlatch.

The KX100F on the other hand gets an all new frame and factory graphics. The liquid cooled 99cc 2-stroke unit has been retuned to eke out more power. The mechanicals have been slightly tweaked to give young riders the much need confidence to ride off-road.


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