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Back from the mega Great India Drive

A month on the road – from the hills of Dharamshala to the east coast at Vizag and back through the southern heart of the country to Pune – our Tucson had a solid workout on the Great India Drive drawing high praise from Anand who handled the driving duties and Rohit who took some beautiful pictures. Comfort, refinement, power, handling, stability, connectivity, sound system, everything came for praise and I completely agree with the boys. The Tucson signals just how much progress Hyundai have made on the dynamic front. Only the other day I was commenting to a friend how Hyundai now makes cars that you look forward to living with. It’s so good for my everyday commute and regular runs from Pune to Mumbai not to mention all our shoots that I asked Anand to throw away his air tickets from Vizag and bring the Tucson back to Pune rather than wait for it to be trucked down. And I’m not overstating things one bit.

Now that the roads are falling apart, the Tucson is even more in demand. There’s an underlying firmness to the suspension that is quite evident on regular roads but when the roads turn rough it no longer bottoms out and gets bouncy and flighty. It’s almost like a German car in the way the SUV stays planted and stable while cosseting occupants. Hyundai is learning how to do ride as well as handling and the best examples are its SUVs like the Creta and now the Tucson.

Of course Hyundai have always been at the forefront of loading everything that they can get their hands on in their cars and the Tucson is no different. There’s no sunroof which I think is great because there are way too many morons that stick their kids out of the sunroof and drive like bloody idiots without a thought as to what a stray kite string or stone from the car in front or even what hard braking will do to their delicate necks. Anyway apart from the sunroof, the Tucson has everything you’d want and stuff like the boot opening on its own when you stand behind it, is a great feature that you end up getting really spoilt by. And truth be told I’m getting so spoilt by the Tucson I don’t want to drive anything else in the fleet.

Date acquired: January 2017
Duration of test: 6 months
Total mileage: 12,045km
Mileage this month: 625.4km
Overall kmpl: 10.5kmpl
Costs this month: Nil

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