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Hyundai Creta – 13,800km report

Why we keep recommending the reigning ICOTY

It’s a year since we had our first go in the Creta, a year since I first drove TN 21 BZ 0769 on the media drives from Pune to Lonavala in the peak of the monsoons. And it’s a year since I’ve been recommending the Creta to anybody looking for anything in this price bracket – my dad, my uncle, three of my cousins, six of my close friends and countless others included. That’s not the surprising part, considering the Creta won our Soft Roader of the Year at the OFF ROAD Awards and also the prestigious ICOTY, what’s surprising is that even after a year we continue to recommend it. That doesn’t happen often. These days car manufacturers are so dynamic, so quick to react, that it takes barely a few months for new benchmarks to be set, but despite new launches in this segment the Creta is still, firmly, the best in class. And Hyundai have had a full bag of tricks to deal with every new incumbent – new variants up and down the range, a petrol automatic (two months after Dad bought a diesel automatic, aargh!), and special editions with more stickers. Smart product planning, but what the Creta really needs are small additions. It needs a distance to empty read out. The mirrors don’t fold in when you lock the car, even though it happens on my sister’s Grand i10. There are no automatic headlights or wipers. The infotainment requires you ‘Agree’ to the disclaimer every time you start it (why?) and needs you to be in Park otherwise won’t connect to your phone even if it is paired beforehand (by the way, my Dad got a call to send in his Creta for an infotainment upgrade, will keep you posted on that). And you still can’t get the automatic Creta with six airbags and 17-inch rims.

Small things, but stuff that will ensure the Creta continues to be the default option for many, many more months to come.

Date acquired: November 2015
Duration of test: 10 months
Total mileage: 13,800km
Mileage this month: 1,247km
Overall kmpl: 11.5kmpl
Costs this month: Nil

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Vishal Joshi

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  • I bought my Creta 1.4 S+ in August 2016. I have done 3500 kms since then. I have felt the car nice in ergonomics and have been driving it with much enthusiasm. It just takes corners in stride and never felt body roll. It’s comfortable taking over potholes and feel 1.4 engine has quite a good punch and never felt that 1.56 could have been better. Engine and gearbox have been really lovely and so is the AC. Chilling quite well even on speed 1, I had to increase temp unable to bear the chill.

    But there have been quite a few negatives that are significant for the money I have spent. At 14.7 Lakhs on road Hyderabad, I expected a refined car. The Windows don’t shut smooth and clunks hard into the door. Smooth is not a term worthy as it operates worst than some small cars. The seats are not at all ergonomic and the back rest is flat. I already have some lumbar spondylitis and it has worsened it. I had to buy an after market lumbar adjust to support my back. Also seating position has not been the good point. I am 6 ft and tried all height adjustments but to no anvil. The foot rest if kept to exact length, I have a problem in complete depressing the clutch and have to lug forward. Over all I never could find a comfy seating position and had to compromise. The audio system is too native and as you already you mentioned you need to ‘Agree’ every time and that it irritating. Also all the function cannot be accessed through the steering controls and you need to keep poking the on dash system which is irritating. Once on mute you receive a call the audio system un-muted once you end the call. T=You cannot navigate through features through the on wheel buttons. The navigation system from Map My India is too native and not many opint can be searched. We do not have options to add or update points on the maps. the service advisor himself admitted that this is native and has many flaws. The are still in upgrading the Maps.

    There is quite some uneven bounce in the suspension and does not absorb all the potholes. The ABS is the worst ever after Swift Dezire. Once was on a mud laced patch tarmac under bridge and had to apply sudden break. I thought some stones hit the underbody or the wheel well. I another instance I felt as it the breakpad came off. Such huge are sounds heard in the suspension on bad patches. I have owned and driven a Vista, Scorpio, Skoda Octavia and a Mahindra XUV 5oo.

    The car has still a lot to desire for what you invest especially when you are touching a price north of 17 Lakhs.