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Hyundai Creta – 21,124km report

It isn’t as agile as a Duster, but it comes rather close

The Creta is quite frankly the best Hyundai you can buy. It’s comfortable when you go touring and is as easy in the city as any small car. Light controls and convenience features make life a lot easier. In fact, like all segments Hyundai gets into, the competition has been pressured to up its game. We drove it a fair bit across Maharashtra in the past month including a roadtrip to Aurangabad for a feature story. What stood out here was the effortless cruising ability of the SUV. You can maintain triple-digit speeds without the engine being stressed and go over broken sections with lesser worry than you would in other Hyundais.

What’s impressive is the body control of the Creta. If there is one thing I want in the Creta, it is a steering that adjusts for reach and not just rake. Even the Elite i20 gets that so why not the Creta?

Date acquired: November 2015
Duration of test: 8 months
Total mileage: 21,124km
Mileage this month: 894km
Overall kmpl: 12.5kmpl
Costs this month: Nil

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