Five must-have apps you must download for a better driving experience

Heading out for a drive? Why not make your life easier

We all love driving our cars, but the ever-growing traffic and other hassles do not always make for a happy experience. But worry not! Download these five apps to make your life easier on the road:


Have you checked out the Vodka Video channel on YouTube? If not, do it right away. Driving fails are a regular phenomenon in Russia and if you notice, almost every car is retrofitted with a dashcam. The situation is not too different in India either. With so much traffic and so many idiots plying on the road, the need of a dashcam is of utmost important. But why not save yourself from the hassle and just get the Carcorder app for yourself. The app integrates recording, GPS, overspeed warnings and augmented reality, all into one. You can record and store your videos as per you liking. It also changes the camera’s focus setting to continuous. While on the move, Carcorder also makes use of augmented reality to display distance between your car and road objects. The UI is easy to use and it also starts recording when the accelerometer senses movement. At the end of the trip you can also screenshot any of the footage and it even adds the location tag to it, while also displaying the average speed. It also includes a host of safety features that warn you when you are overspeeding or even make emergency calls automatically during any unfortunate event.

Available only on the App Store right now, the app is priced at Rs 160 for the full version.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is to India what TomTom is to Europe. It is one of the most important apps to have in India if you own a vehicle. Even if you don’t, Google Maps allows navigation for walking and public transport. Along with on-the-go traffic updates you also get precise step-by-step directions for easy navigation. Just connect the phone to the car’s Bluetooth system and you can have it played through the speakers.

As you visit places, you also have the option of reviewing them. It also gives you information about fuel stations, restaurants, cafes and even local attractions. If you are expecting to go to a place where there is no connectivity, you can also save the specific section for offline usage. Available on both App Store and Play Store, the app comes for free (forget about the data sharing hazards for now).

City Maps 2Go:

No range but still need to navigate out of an unknown place? City Maps 2 Go is an alternative variant of Google Maps, although this can be accessed offline, completely. Plus, you also get guides for every individual city, state or even a country. As you travel, update the guide and help fellow travelers and also share your itinerary with your friends, through the app’s social connectivity.

City Maps 2Go is available on both App Store and Play store free of cost.


Waze is the largest driver’s community in the world. Finally getting popular in India, the app gives out a plethora of information thanks to the community of drivers. You can post updates about road accidents, maintenance works, hazards and even police barricades! The app also gives out real time data about how much time you will be stuck in traffic. And you can even send the data to your loved ones.

Waze is available to download on App Store and Play Store for free.

Apple Music:

When you are stuck in traffic, the best option to keep yourself calm is to listen to music. Unfortunately in India, Spotify has not made its way yet but Apple Music makes for a decent substitute. The use base of over 2 crore speaks for itself. The service is free for the first three months, giving you access to over 4 crore songs, which can be streamed or downloaded to your phone. Priced reasonably, (Rs 120/month for individual usage or Rs 190/month for family sharing, for up to five devices) the service is also available on Android devices. If that is not enough, it also has a radio feature, playing you the best of tracks from your favourite artists/genres. The Connect feature also lets you follow your favourite artists/bands and stay updated with all the news.

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