Ferrari GTC4 Lusso launched at Rs 5.2 crore

The Turbocharged variant will be made available later this year

Ferrari has launched the GTC4 Lusso in India at a price of Rs 5.2 crore, while the V8 T variant costs Rs 4.2 crore. A successor to the FF, the four-seater shooting brake’s full name is dissected as Gran Tourismo Coupe, 4WD and four-wheel steering and Lusso translates to Luxury.

The front mounted F140, 65-degree V12 in the GTC4 Lusso makes an astonishing 681bhp and 697Nm of torque. Targeted towards ‘mature’ customers, it can still do 100kmph in just 3.4 seconds. Not just that, the top speed is 345kmph. The transmission duties are taken care by a 7-speed DCT. The front wheels are fed power only in the first four ratios, when the torque is overwhelming. The four wheel steering allows the rear wheels to move in the opposite direction(by 2 degrees) at speeds up to 100kmph. At speeds above 100kmph, the wheels move in the same direction as the front. This not only helps in reducing the turning radius but also helps improve the stability and help cornering at high speeds.

On the other hand, the turbocharged variant called GTC4 Lusso T will be sold sometime later this year. The 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 engine on the T makes 603bhp and 760Nm. However, it is rear wheel driven only.

In terms of the design, the GTC4 Lusso reminisces of the FF, especially from the front. The shooting brake element gives it a sloping coupe-like roof line. The rear is similar to the F12 Berlinetta, while the massive diffuser along with the quad exhaust setup gives it the vintage Ferrari look. The ‘Lusso’ elements are clearly visible on the inside with minimal buttons and lots of touchscreen based controls. The dashboard is flanked by a large 10.25-inch touchscreen at the centre. The passenger gets a dedicated touchscreen as well. Being a four seater, lot of focus is given to the passengers as well and the legroom has been improved by 16mm overall. The steering still gets all the usual Ferrari tidbits, including the driving mode switch.

The GTC4 Lusso is now available to book at Ferrari’s dealerships located in Mumbai and Delhi. Didn’t like it enough? You can try getting your hands on the Aston Martin Vanquish or even the Aventador. But obviously, they don’t offer the practicality of the Ferrari. If you think it’s too fast for your family, you could consider the Bentley Continental GT as well.

Ferrari has already received three bookings for the GTC4 Lusso and the first delivery is slated to happen today. The 812 Superfast that we have just driven is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018.

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