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A paragliding adventure in the Datsun redi-GO

Who said the redi-GO is a city car? We take it out of its comfort zone and take it out for a day of paragliding

I was dragged a couple of metres behind as the glider I was strapped to caught a gust of wind and filled up with air. Soon enough, it was above my head, tugging at me like a dog trying to break free of its leash. All that was left to do was jump. I was on the steep face of a hill, one step forward and I would be airborne. “Go for it”, said the voice over the radio — my instructor had an eye on me from the landing zone a few hundred feet below. “Go for it!”, the voice in my head yelled over my every instinct of self preservation. I went for it. I heaved my body forward, took that step, felt nothing under my feet… but I wasn’t falling. The headwind kept the glider airborne and I was strapped in as it sailed through the air.

What in the world was I thinking? I’m going to be straight up honest here. We millennials aren’t living a particularly fulfilling life. We drag ourselves out of bed every morning, get to work, slog our backsides off through the day, drag ourselves back home, sleep and repeat. We live for the weekends — spend Saturday evenings in urban haunts filled with a copious amounts of intoxication, forced interactions, desperately in pursuit of a distraction from the mundane of the impending week. Why? Why do we settle for a life which is so banal?

No. We shouldn’t settle. We should get out there and live life like it is meant to be lived. We need to get out there and chase those moments that will brand themselves in our memory, remind us that life is more than just our jobs and our work. We need experiences that leave us refreshed, energised and ready to tackle the week, the month, the year head on, and still have the energy at the end of it all, to do it over again. Nothing does that better than a good ol’ shot of adrenaline. It gets you pumped, keeps your mind clear and primed for the imminent onslaught of responsibilities.

Welcome to the first part of our new series called #redi2GO, where we take a car aimed directly at the millennials, the Datsun redi-GO, out of the urban jungle and in to the open, making sure we get our monthly dose of adrenaline while we’re at it.

We were at Indus Paragliding in Kamshet and I had just spent the day under the expert guidance of Sanjay Pendurkar, the man who started Indus and is an accomplished paraglider himself. He has won a couple of national and international competitions, and has trained gliders from the Indian air-force. He knows his stuff and is probably the go-to guy if you want to pick up the sport from scratch.

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