8 cars in India that can survive a zombie apocalypse

What should you drive if you were to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Imagine the 2013 flick World War Z coming true to life. Brad Pitt heroing around the country to save his family. And this time, the action happens not around the skyscrapers in the USA, but in our metropolitan cities! Although, the ladies would love to grab a piece of the now-single actor, we would still like to run away from such a situation. But what desi stock cars would be your best getaway options? Our list to save you from all the hassle:

Toyota Land Cruiser:
If you own a Land Cruiser, you are most likely to be a VIP, a celebrity or a babu. Although, being in India, even the zombies will salute you if you put the red beacon on your car. If not, you can always run over people (read zombies) and erm… still get away.

Tata Nano AMT:
Have you ever been annoyed by a rickshaw vaala who just turns his supercar of a three-wheeler 360 degress without looking in the rear view mirrors? That is what even a Nano can do! Zipping through streets filled with blood and flesh? Not a problem. The Nano is always up for the job.

Maruti Suzuki Omni:
The grab-people-and-go car that has been a favourite among desi kidnappers! The Maruti Omni, much popularly knows as ‘Van’ is one of your best choices if you have to grab your loved ones off the street and run away.

Mahindra Thar:
Roof or no roof have it your own way. The Thar is the perfect weapon for you if you want to attack zombies as you drive away in style! It is anyway fearful for regular pedestrians with its massive wheels and that toothed grill. Making keema out of zombies would be so much fun in this Mahindra. Just run over those dead pieces of meat, no stopping for breakers or dead bodies then.

Fiat Abarth Punto:
Speed thrills and kills too! Drift your way through streets filled with zombies in this affordable hot hatch that can be quick when required. And all this, along with a hell lot of fun.

Force Gurkha:
Your go-to choice if you are living in a remote place with absolutely no roads. The Gurkha can climb through mountains, cross rivers and jump across bridges too, if required. Just keep going!

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross:
Get into the loading bay; drill, shoot and cut you way across zombies in this massive pick-up. Too many zombies to kill? Get inside the plush cabin and just drive away. Off-road or on-road, does not matter.

Renault Duster:
We think that the fastest car on our roads on our roads is the Duster, thanks to its brilliant ride and handling setup. The strong build quality means, no damage taken when you squash those dead people away.

What do you think of our list? Do you think we missed any car? If yes, do write to us

Featured image courtesy: Zombie Highway 2

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